One of the conditions for trading with meefx you are required to verify documents such as:

ID card

Driver's license or


The requirements for verification documents received by meefx are:

  1. Your own document
  2. The name on the document must be the same as the name registered on meefx
  3. Documents must be full and not cut off at all
  4. Documents must not be blurry and must be clearly visible with good resolution
  5. Documents cannot be edited
  6. If you use a SIM and passport, the document must still be active
  7. Age is limited to 65 years, otherwise we will refuse it because it is impossible for people who are already 65 to invest in forex trading
  8. Do not register repeatedly with the same document.

The following are the results of the uploaded documents received by meefx:

The following is an example of a rejected document upload: