In the previous discussion we have studied about how to create a Meefx PIN. As we know, a PIN is needed for security, for example, when we make a deposit or withdrawal, we must require a PIN to process it. However, not many people forget when they enter the PIN.

On this occasion we will tell you how how to recover transaction pins - Meefx. Here are the steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is enter the member area page, then select it on the Profile menu and click the Change PIN submenu as shown below:

2. If you have clicked, the display will appear as in the image below, please click Sent Reset Link to recover your PIN. After you click, the next step, please go to Gmail to see the next process.

3. If you have entered the email and get a message from Meefx, please open the message and please do a PIN Reset according to the instructions in the image below, When you have clicked Reset PIN then you will be redirected to the next page.

4. As previously informed, you will be redirected to the meefx page, you will first be asked to log in again before entering PIN recovery. If so, a display appears like the image below, please fill in all the data in the form. And finally, you just click Submit to finish it.

That's how how to recover transaction pins - Meefx. You can do this repeatedly when you forget to enter the PIN again, but it would be better if your personal data including this PIN is recorded so you don't forget it at a later date.

After study how to recover transaction pins - Meefx. Then we can learn about how to recover personal area password - Meefx CLICK HERE