Previously we studied about how to deposit Meefx funds, this time we will tell you about how to withdraw Meefx funds. Withdrawal of funds or withdrawal itself is done when you make a profit trading transaction on MT4.

Please note that we emphasize here when making a withdrawal of funds with your own account. Not allowed to use other people's accounts. If caught using someone else's account, then Meefx has the right to cancel your withdrawal of funds.

Well we will study how to withdraw Meefx funds as follows :

  1. On the member area page, please select the Withdrawal menu and on the Withdrawal page click Create Withdrawal or you can CLICK HERE.

2. After entering the Withdrawal page, please fill in all data in the form, if so, then click Create Withdrawal.

That's the how-to steps how to withdraw Meefx funds. The withdrawal process itself takes 10 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the queue.

After study how to withdraw Meefx funds. Then we can learn about how to become a Meefx partner or IB CLICK HERE