MeeFX is a millennial company that will change your life for the better, MeeFX offers cooperation for the development of a wider MeeFX company and we really need loyal partners to build from scratch and we are very committed to working together honestly and well.

To become a meefx partner is very easy, you just need to open a partner account and do promotions. You also get a commission if you invite your friends or relatives. The commissions we offer are as follows:

  1. Commission for Micro accounts CLICK HERE
  2. Commission for Standard accounts CLICK HERE
  3. Commission for ECN accounts CLICK HERE
  4. Commission for Pro IB accounts CLICK HERE

Steps how to become a Meefx partner or IB as follows :

  1. After you enter the member area page, please click the IB System menu as in the circle in the image below.

2. If you have clicked on System IB, a display will appear as in the image below, the page displays information about IB in the form of programs offered, you can read first and understand to become an IB. After that you click Joint Partners as in the circle to register to become an IB partner.

3. Next, if you have clicked Joint Partners, a message will appear as shown below. The IB application that you submit will be processed by the Meefx legal team, the process takes a minimum of 15 minutes to 24 hours. If it has been processed then you are already an IB Partner at Meefx

Those are the steps how to become a Meefx partner or IB, what must be remembered is that the requirement to get a commission is that the client must make a transaction, and the transaction must close above 60 points or 0.6 pips within 3 minutes. If the scalping trade is less than 3 minutes and 60 points, the commission is not paid.

After study how to become a Meefx partner or IB. Next we can learn about what is Forex trading - Meefx CLICK HERE