Actually there are still many people who don't understand how to do online trading transactions, especially making transactions on the metatrader4 or mt4 platforms. so that many people are still wondering how to make trading transactions in Metatrader4. and here we will review it in detail and briefly.

  1. Please download and install metatrader4 meefx first
  2. Please enter the trading account, password and server that we already have in the meefx personal area
  3. Doing buying and selling transactions or called trading buy and sell, if you have entered the metatrader4 meefx platform, the platform will appear as below:

Please pay attention to the picture above, usually if you are using Metatrader4 for the first time, 4 chart screens will appear either online or that say waiting for update and make sure that the signal in the lower right corner shows that the account is connected in green, as shown below. then please close all chart displays in your Metatrader4 by clicking X.

Next, please specify what currency symbol you want to trade and what type of transaction you want to do, here we are giving an example that we want to make a EURUSD currency transaction with the hope that the currency will increase so we have to make a BUY transaction for the EURUSD currency, but before transactions we need to open the EURUSD chart so we can see currency movements. see the picture below.


We will explain the screens that we give red numbers 1 and number 2, at number 1 is a feature where you can set your metatrader4 display both from the chandel stick type, trading time and so on, and number 2 there is written EURUSD meaning you have successfully opened the chat with eurusd currency. and then we will learn how to make trading transactions in these currencies.

  1. please click 2 times on the symbol, for example EURUSD, it will display a screen like this: here we circle 3 locations, for number 1 there explains the type of currency you are transacting, the amount of volume or lot and so on, we need to remind you if the greater the volume You transact, the greater the chance of profit or loss on your transaction, the smaller the volume of your transaction, the smaller the transaction opportunity and if your capital is too small, we recommend opening a volume of 0.01, if your capital is large, you can adjust it yourself. and in circle no 2, namely sell by market, which means that we take a sell transaction if we want to get a profit, make sure the price on the chart is showing a decrease, if we sell, then we will experience a profit, but on the other hand, if the price is aimed at buy but we sell, then we will experience a minus.

To see if we experience a profit or minus, you can see the transactions that we have done or ordered, please see this picture.

  1. Profit = The profit you get from the results of the transaction. If (+) you mean Profit or get temporary profit if (-) you mean Loss or you don't get profit.
  2. Balance = Your balance before making a transaction.
  3. Equity = Your balance when you make a transaction.
  4. Type = Order SELL or BUY.
  5. Size = Lot you choose when making a transaction.

You can close the order at any time if you are already profitable.

That's how how to make transactions in MetaTrader4 Meefx. Multiply references before you trade, because the broader your insight in the world of trading is not impossible for you to get a big profit too.