Meefx is a classy international forex broker with professional services and experience in their fields. We provide 1 x 24 online support around the world. The advantage of Meefx itself is that it is very committed to the issue of halal transactions and we really do not provide swap or interest fees.

In addition, there is a promo given by the Meefx broker in the form of a 5 USD bonus, meaning you can trade without having to make a deposit first. Here's how how to claim the 5 USD bonus on Meefx:

  1. After you log in, on that area page, please select the Promotion menu and click on the Bonus 5 USB submenu to enter the bonus page.

2. Next, please complete all the terms and conditions on that page starting from creating a Meefx account, verifying documents, sharing about bonuses to Facebook and creating a standard account as shown below:

Let's solve all the requirements one by one. In this picture we start from creating a Meefx account, please fill in all the data in the form that is correct, keep in mind that in filling in the name it must match your identity, it cannot be abbreviated. After that, fill in the captcha by adding it up and click Register. That is the first requirement that must be completed.

Next is the second requirement, namely document verification. In the image below, please click on the Account Verification menu which is shown by arrow number 1, after entering there is a page containing Upload Your ID as in arrow number 2 which shows you click Update to send your identity (KTP / SIM / Passport).

After clicking Upload, you must complete all the data in the form, keep in mind that in submitting your identity you must not send your document that has expired, and you cannot blur because if you send it, the meefx will reject your document. After all the data is filled in, the next step is to click Upload Now.

The following is the display when you click Upload Now, in the image below there is a circle indicating your document has been sent, but it is still being checked by the Meefx legal team, checks are usually processed in 15 minutes to 24 hours at the fastest. If it has been approved, a Verified message will appear in the Status column and the second requirement to get the bonus has been completed.

We continue to the third requirement, which is to share bonuses to Facebook. Please click Share as circled below, then a pop up will appear in circle number 2. Enter your email and password in circle number 2. Make sure it is your Facebook account, you cannot use other people's Facebook. To share on Facebook, select the Public category so that it is automatically checked for requirement number 3.

If requirement number 3 has been made but has not been checked, please use another browser or use a PC to complete these requirements.

And another requirement is to create a standard account. Please click Open on point number 4 to create a standard account.

Then you will be directed to a page like the image below, please complete all the data in the form. And remember, the account you created is a standard account, so choose a standard account in the account type column, if all the data has been filled in, then you just have to click Registration and requirement number 4 is complete.

If all of these requirements have been checked, then the last step is to please return to the promotion page and click on the circle in the image, then you select the standard account that you created earlier. If you just click Get the Bonus, the bonus will automatically go to your account. You can also see your bonus on the member area page.

Please note that the bonus can only be taken once, you can withdraw from the bonus if you have made 2 lots transactions and the minimum withdrawal is 7 USD. And we prohibit you from using a VPN.

That's the how-to steps how to claim the 5 USD bonus on Meefx. Then we can learn about how to send a message to Meefx CLICK HERE