There are so many opportunities to get rich with forex trading, but you need to know that before you trade forex it would be nice if you know what the definition of forex itself is. In this case, let's get to know what forex is

Forex is the trading of currencies from different countries with the aim of making a profit. The name forex itself is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, namely the exchange of foreign currencies. For example, if we buy Euros, then we sell USD, we can shorten it to EUR/USD.

Forex trading can be done online for the sole purpose of making a profit. It should also be understood, forex trading is a business activity, investment, it can even become a profession. Many people in this forex trading start from the government, central banks, multinational companies, to certain individuals who have large amounts of assets. But along with the development of technology, forex trading reaches a very broad scope. Through the internet, forex trading can now be done by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Now, everyone can trade forex. Even we can trade forex easily and with only 5 Dollars of capital.

Opportunities from forex trading itself can be achieved because conditions and prices in the forex market move very dynamically, can change at any time quickly whether it's economics, politics, wars, disasters, and others. Even for regions with developed and strong economies, such as the United States, Britain, and European countries, they receive little sensitive information, the price of their currencies can fluctuate. This is what traders see as an opportunity and an opportunity for profit.

Forex trading is done through an intermediary forex broker. The capital required is also very affordable, it can start from 5 USD or even free by using the bonus funds provided by the broker.

In general, the risk of forex trading comes from four things, namely price volatility in the forex market, the use of leverage, forex brokers, and our own psychological condition as traders.

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